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In Loving Memory of Nancy Moka

Tragically one of our PNG Board Members, Nancy Moka, was a victim of the coronavirus pandemic and died in Hospital on the 31st of March 2021. Her memory and dedication to the work of Links of Hope along with her love and support for the children will live on through her legacy of the respite centre. Nancy was a close family friend and a sister in Christ. Her raucous laughter was present in every interaction with her but when needed she also gave her strong opinions on issues that were being discussed. She was certainly passionate about life and all that she put her mind to including the birthing and growing of Links of Hope, “our baby” as she often referred to it. Nancy not only had an impact on LOH but also in her work place at the Kina Bank. This has led the staff to want to support the work of LOH in memory of Nancy resulting in annual corporate sponsorship by the Kina Bank, for which we are enormously grateful.

Although we miss her greatly, we know her life and legacy lives on through the work of Links of Hope, and we want to publicly honour her life and uphold her memory.


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