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An International Visitor

In January and February, we were privileged to have a visitor from Spain who volunteered his time with Links of Hope to produce some new media. Filmmaker Miguel started with our team in Mt. Hagen where he was able to shadow uniform distribution, home visits, the hospital referral process, and even snuck in a trip to Mt. Wilhelm (the tallest mountain in PNG) with several of our staff. Miguel then came to Port Moresby where he worked with our team to understand the sociocultural challenges plaguing people living with HIV. He visited the Well Baby Clinic, the Links of Hope Respite Home, and spent time with some LOH caregivers and children. We aimed to give him an authentic experience and show him a glimpse into life in Papua New Guinea.

You can see the incredible videos that Miguel made to support Links of Hope here:

We are incredibly thankful for the time Miguel spent with our team. You can see his full portfolio of work here.


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