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Spread the Hope!

We’ve all been there- scrambling to buy a gift for the person who seems impossible to buy for; the person who already has it all, the person who wants for nothing, or maybe a Secret Santa gift. This year, Links of Hope has you covered!

Rather than purchasing material presents, we’re encouraging our friends and families to make a donation in place of a gift. Your donation will go a long way in providing supplies to ensure that children impacted by the HIV epidemic live healthy, happy, and prosperous lives. All funds raised from the Spread the Hope Christmas Campaign will directly benefit children and families impacted by the HIV epidemic in Papua New Guinea.

For as low as $10, you can give a gift that truly impacts lives. From children’s multivitamins to a potable water tank, donations of any amount helps Links of Hope to deliver services to the best of our ability. We'll even provide you with a printable Thank You Certificate so that you can still put that little something under the tree. What's stopping you? This holiday season, Spread the Hope.

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