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Thank you, IAI and 9 Mile Farm!

Links of Hope is excited to announce its partnership with Innovative Agro Industry Ltd (IAI), a project development company aiming to increase sustainability and profitability of local produce. IAI's 9 Mile Farm has been donating vegetables to help feed the children staying at the Links of Hope Respite Home. Respite children stay with us temporarily when they are in need of additional medical or homeopathic care, therefore it is imperative that they are provided with vitamin-rich foods to build their strength and regain health. The LOH children are enjoying engaging in their nutrition and learning how to prepare healthy meals.

LOH is incredibly grateful for our partnership with IAI. Together, we are able to drive health and nutrition initiatives for vulnerable children in Papua New Guinea.

If you are interested in partnering with Links of Hope to make an impact in PNG, contact us at:

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